Jane Van Eeten

Jane Van Eeten

Jane Van Eeten

As a child, I travelled extensively.  The exposure to other diverse cultures had a significant impact on the development of my aesthetic.

I spent my teenage years in Adelaide and graduated from Stanley Street School of Art in 1969.

My art practice is mostly two dimensional; drawing, painting  and design and I have a long held love of fibre arts.

I was an art teacher for many years and during that time travelled extensively to visit art galleries.  Art history has always particularly interested me and informs much of how I see the world.  

I taught secondary school art but over the years, have also taught adult classes. With April Hague, we have run Life Drawing for adults for the last 7 years. 

I am a passionate gardener and my garden is now my canvas. It, like an art practice, takes many forms and is an ever changing design opportunity.

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